Cloud Backup

About the Service

Your Call Telecom Backup provides a proven effective cloud-based backup solution, designed and built to suit the needs of SME’s and delivered from Australian-based cloud infrastructure.

  • NETGEAR ReadyNAS Devices
  • Any backup software supporting the RSYNC protocol
  • Linux Servers
  • Mac OSX Servers

Built for Australia

Your Call Telecom’s  cloud backup has a number of key advantages over competing systems:

  • Data on-disk seeding and restoration
  • Private IP interoperability (with unlimited transit)
  • Fully differential and compressed online backup
  • Full compliance with data sovereignty regulations

Cloud Backup for ReadyNAS

If you’re looking for a proven all-in-one, drop-in solution for your small business cloud backup needs – Your Call Telecom’s Cloud Backup for NETGEAR ReadyNAS is the answer.

We provide a direct integration for all x86 ReadyNAS devices (PRO and rack mount series) that allows the device to connect directly with our cloud backup service and automatically back up data contained on the NAS.

Installation and setup only takes a few minutes and is as simple as clicking through a setup wizard.

Installation and setup only takes a few minutes and is as simple as clicking through a setup wizard.

Turnkey disaster recovery

Combine a cloud backup service with our Hosted IT Infrastructure offering as a comprehensive disaster recovery package. When combined, these services may be configured to enable access to your Cloud Backup data access from your Hosted Infrastructure deployment, providing a “secondary site” style disaster recovery solution.

Service packages and options

50GB Backup Storage   (up to 350GB incl. snapshots)
100GB Backup Storage  (up to 700GB incl. snapshots)
250GB Backup Storage  (up to 1.75TB incl. snapshots)
500GB Backup Storage  (up to 3.5TB incl. snapshots)
750GB Backup Storage  (up to 5.25TB incl. snapshots)
1TB Backup Storage  (up to 7TB incl. snapshots)
1.5TB Backup Storage  (up to 10.5TB incl. snapshots)
2TB Backup Storage  (up to 14TB incl. snapshots)
3TB Backup Storage  (up to 21TB incl. snapshots)
5TB Backup Storage  (up to 35TB incl. snapshots)
We highly recommend the use of a private IP connection for cloud backup.  This allows faster backups and restores, without using your download quota from your ISP.
Ethernet / EFM/ Fibre / Wireless
BACKUP On-disk
Processing fee for sending data in on disk (includes return postage within Australia)
EMERGENCY – Same day Courier (where available)
NBD – Next Business day (Metro only)
STANDARD – Non-urgent postage
USB Hard Drive (7 day loan)
2TB Hard Drive (USB 2.0) [Purchase]
3TB Hard Drive (USB 3.0) [Purchase]
Restores larger than 3TB will be supplied across multiple drives.  Hard drive purchase is optional, but may be charged if a drive isn’t returned within 7 days.