My Cloud Desktop

About the Service

MyCloud Desktop provides a cloud-hosted alternative to the traditional concept of business IT infrastructure consisting of servers and workstations. It does so by migrating all of your applications and data to the cloud, provided as a managed service, rather than through onsite equipment. Workstations are replaced with “thin clients” and server and NAS devices are replaced with cloud-based servers and storage.

This brings countless benefits, including…

  • On demand scale up / scale down of capacity as required
  • Removes the need for IT infrastructure refresh cycles (typically every 3 years)
  • Quick and easy work from home and on-the-go via iPad’s and laptops
  • Automatic daily backups of all your cloud stored data and desktop
  • Very low capital expenditure (CAPEX) investment required
  • Less equipment on-site, reducing the risk of failures and power usage
  • Significantly lower cost per seat than traditional models
  • Worry-free, externally, professionally managed infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery benefits (log in from remote site / home in the event of disaster)

Included as standard (Pilot edition):

  • A ready-to-use cloud desktop for each user
  • A full suite of business applications, available through the App Library
  • Management features
    • Managed antivirus software, automatically updates every 3 hours
    • Software updates including Windows and Microsoft Office updates
    • 24×7 service availability monitoring

Service Features & Pricing

Cloud infrastructure layer maintenance support is included with all cloud hosted offerings. Basic operating system updates and management are included at the sole discretion of Your Call Telecom, labour, management and updates relating to 3rd party changes affecting their operation is not included. Support for all software, general support, onsite