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  • Great range of plan options and data inclusions
  • Powered by the brand new NBN National Network
  • Optional Home Network Gateway WiFi modem

Australia’s National Broadband Network
The NBN is being rolled out across Australia to many metropolitan and regional locations using the latest in Fibre, Wireless and Satellite technologies. You may be in one of the many roll out locations, simply let us know your address and we can help you choose a plan to best suit your needs.

Wide range of plans to suit your needs.
For smaller families with minimal internet requirements or for basic business connectivity, you may choose from a lower Tier plan with a small data inclusion. For larger households which rely on the internet for school or for businesses accessing cloud based applications, we offer a range of higher Tier services with up to 1TB of included data.

Data Allowance each month includes both Uploaded and Downloaded traffic for that billing period and quota not used in a month is not carried forward to the next month. Once you have used your data allowance for each month your service will be shaped or excess usage incurred depending on the plan selected

NBN Speeds

If you choose a higher speed tier, your nbn service can never go faster than the maximum line speed available at your premises.

If you are in a FTTB & FTTN area, we will not be able to confirm your maximum line speed until the service is connected and activated on the nbn network.

This means we will only offer the peek speed tier once this information is available.

If your nbn connection doesn’t allow you to benefit from the speed tier you’re on we will provide you with your maximum line speed.

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